Dara Crawley

"Dara was able to join our team and quickly complete the objectives! She really clarified our messaging and I feel more confident publishing our work when ready!"

Hello, I'm Dara Crawley and welcome to my creative world where we try to build expansive, and dynamic worlds through supporting other creatives and embracing our own creative knowledge. Whether the aim is to make sure your work sends the right message or whether our goal is supporting thought provoking media, I'm excited to work with you! In addition to creating poetry, essays, and zines, I am a seasoned diversity consultant. I offer tailored consulting services to a diversity of clients. This includes those looking to create more inclusive environments through game design, community building, and organization development.  This has also included developmental editing and textbook test development. From workshops to one-on-one consultations, let me you foster a culture of diversity and belonging.

Visit our links below to browse the zine collection and or send an email to find out how I can help you on your journey towards creativity and inclusivity.

Available Works

Visions Of: The Crimson Veil Zine
Eldritch beings. Celestial horrors. Zines of lore and mystery. Visions of: the Crimson Veil explores the writings and art of a cult worshipping a horrifying being from behind the stars. This is the first edition of Vision of: the Crimson Veil. 

Selenite is the Only Charge Left. A perzine about burn out and recapturing the magic of self regardless.

Embark on a liberation journey! This guide is a 10 page guide with information on severing the ties between ourselves and others through ritual, symbol, and empowerment. This non-denominational roadmap  is meant to be a guide to craft a path forward to reclaim your spiritual independence Whether you're a witch, a Christian, a Buddhist, or an atheist this zine touches on the importance of symbol and what we can carry with us.

Fat, Black, and Female Invisible Shadows

An article on stereotypes, race, and fatphobia in media. Edited in 2023; Originally published in 2016

A page from People, Places, Persons, Unknown

A page from Visions Of: The Crimson Veil

A page from People, Places, Persons, Unknown

For information on her writing, consulting, and zines please contact: dcrawleytherapy@gmail.com

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