Dara Crawley is a creator producing poetry, zines, and random artwork. Most of her work explores belonging, systemic alienation, and complex relationships. You know, light stuff. She works as a diversity consultant for roleplaying companies, and authors, and as a mental health advocate /therapist. You can usually find her curled up in her favorite recliner, and listening to either folk music, funk or vaporwave. And if you can’t find her then track down the nearest cute dog because there’s a 50/50 chance she’s already there.

Participant in 2016 Sweets Game Jam,  Growth Zine Jam 2024; Contributor to the  Xx_2000z_1NT3RN3T_xX: A 2000’s Internet Anthology
Consultant to The Geek Initiative LARPs, Red Feather Roleplaying LARPs, and other independent roleplaying game developers.
Currently planning LARPing Events and researching narrative story telling in therapy and wellness.

Coaching, Therapy , Workshops:
Currently not  Running Public Workshops
She is a Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW) with degrees from University of Maryland School of Social Work and Goucher College. Previously she provided support to the Baltimore City Circuit Court , Maryland Legal Aid social work units, and worked in community health. She has specialized in supporting the individuals from marginalized communities including BIPOC, diverse spiritual communities, the Leather, BDSM/Kink communities, non-monogamous individuals, LGBTQ+ community, alternative communities, and adults primarily navigating anxiety and depression. She is not taking therapy clients via this website currently.

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